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Unhealthy Relationships

Are you in a healthy relationship?

A good relationship is based on care, trust and tolerance:

  • Care for one another
  • Respect and trust in each other
  • Allow space for different opinions, tastes and ideas

A healthy relationship is not based on jealousy, control and unreasonable demands.

If someone uses jealousy or anger to make you do things their way, then this is controlling behaviour and not a healthy relationship.

You have the right to:

  • Live your life without violence
  • Be safe in your home
  • Talk to people about your situation
  • Keep your children safe from harm
  • Leave your home and go to a safe place
  • Unconditional support

Types of Abuse

  • PHYSICAL — pushing, choking, slapping, hitting and kicking.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL — denial of food, money and access to friends and family members; isolation or being trapped against one’s will within the boundaries of home or community.
  • EMOTIONAL — threats to cause harm, playing mind games, humiliation, insults and/or name calling.
  • ECONOMIC — denial of money for food, clothes and/or personal use.
  • SEXUAL — forced to have sex or be intimate against one’s will.
  • SOCIAL — isolation from friends and family, fear of making someone angry. 

If you are …

  • Experiencing violence in your relationship
  • Being hurt by one or more of your family members
  • Lonely and isolated
  • Denied access to money
  • Forced to stay with the person who hurts you
  • Feeling angry, sad and/or tired
  • Afraid of being hurt
  • Worried your children are being exposed to violence

… you need help!


Source: Stopping the Violence Counselling Program, MOSAIC Vancouver.

A Healthy Relationship is based on care, trust and tolerance … not jealousy, control and unreasonable demands.