Change is possible.

Restored Relationships

At the Burnaby Safe House we see and hear many painful stories of domestic violence.  And often the abuser makes no genuine effort to change.  But we do believe that some marriages can experience health and reconciliation.

In most cases of violence, residential separation must be encouraged.  However, such action may be the salvation of the relationship, not its death.  Where there is genuine repentance, and where the offender actually participates in abuse counselling programs, by God’s grace, the Christian goal is to change behaviour not kill marriages.

Broken Vows is a candid, transparent story of an abuser who did change, and the marriage was saved. This is written together by the former victim and abuser.

VictimLINK maintains a resource list for province-wide counselling services for male offenders (and male victims) of domestic abuse. Mosaic provides counselling and education to immigrant men who have committed family violence or are at risk of such behaviour. In addition, Warriors Against Violence offers abuse prevention programs for aboriginal men and youth.

Go to our Resources page for an extensive list of available residential, counselling and advocacy resources for women and men.

We do believe that a restored relationship is still possible in some marriages.

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