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Our Services

The Burnaby Safe House provides second-stage shelter in a safe, confidential residence for abused women and for vulnerable pregnant women.  We offer emotional, spiritual and practical support, and referrals to community agencies.

Our room & board accommodation has capacity for up to four women and their children.  Duration may be short term (weeks) or long term (up to six months).  Pregnant clients are eligible to stay for the duration of their pregnancy and an additional two months.  Directed by live-in caregivers.

Residence Guidelines

  • Adult women and their children only
  • Non-abusive significant others may visit (if approved by caregivers)
  • No drugs, alcohol or smoking on premises
  • Participation in family life, community meals and household chores
  • Personal goal: independence

In 30 years of ministry, we have assisted over 20,000 women in distress. All of our services are free of charge — a gift from supporters like you. Please consider sending your gift today.