Planning for Safety

Leaving an abusive relationship takes a great deal of courage. All women must plan for their well-being and their children’s safety. Planning for safety means knowing how to access the people, places and resources that can help if you are the victim of violence.

Ideas for your safety plan

  • Call or visit a women’s centre to learn about resources available for victims of violence.
  • Tell your friends and neighbours to call the police if they hear yelling, banging or frightening noises coming from your house.
  • Think about where you can go if you decide to leave your partner, such as a safe house for women.
  • Memorize emergency service phone numbers.
  • Keep some extra money and a set of keys in a safe place.
  • Leave an extra set of clothes and photocopies of your personal ID with a friend or family member.
  • Teach your children to use the telephone to call the police and fire department.
  • Create a code word with family and friends to signal that you need help.


Source: Stopping the Violence: A guide for women facing domestic violence, YWCA Vancouver.